This is why custom pet portraits are the best gifts for fur parents

     Here at Odatsmi, we draw pets and people. I am personally a fur parent before I was traumatized when I lost him. I never had photos of my puppy, and I wish I had something to recall him somewhere else than my memory. So that day, I used some crayons and starts drawing him. I was 6, and I still keep his portrait. I understand how a piece of paper can mean something, so it is my life mission to preserve other people’s memories.

woman holding a canvas with portrait

     Giving a personalized pet portrait shows that we pay attention to what our friends care about. These portraits are unique and special because they’re tailored to each pet’s personality. Whether it’s a playful cat or a loyal dog, the portrait captures their essence and makes the gift meaningful.

     What’s great about personalized pet portraits is that they last a lifetime. While other gifts might wear out or be forgotten, these portraits become treasured keepsakes. They can be proudly displayed in our friends’ homes, reminding them of the love they share with their pets for years to come.

       Plus, personalized pet portraits are a chance to showcase an artist’s talent and creativity. Each portrait is different, reflecting the artist’s style and the unique qualities of the pet. Whether it’s a colorful painting or a detailed drawing, the portrait becomes a work of art that our friends will cherish.

Your customized portrait will be the one and only in the world.

What's the best art style for you?

We make these portraits. Feel free to explore. Let’s start by viewing one of these art styles:

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