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Formal or funny, these head portraits are designed to make your pet be anyone. Choose a body and we will blend professionally!

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Unleash your dog’s versatility as they transform into anyone you can imagine. I can seamlessly blend their adorable face onto the body of a soldier, a doctor, an astronaut, and many more. Watch as your beloved pup takes on a whole new persona, igniting conversations and capturing hearts. Own a unique masterpiece that combines your dog’s cuteness with awe-inspiring personas we imagine for them!

How does this work?
#1 Provide the necessary details.
#2 Upload a reference photo of the subject.
#3 Complete your checkout.
#4 Once you’re satisfied with the draft, I will send you the HD file of the portrait.
#5 If you ordered a print, we will process and ship the art to you immediately once done.

Orders don’t usually take a week to be finished/delivered.

I will draw your portrait personally, so please feel free to contact me if you need anything.

16 reviews for Head Portrait

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  1. Very funny head, eyes are just as hilarious as the proportionally wrong body. The weirdness adds to the humor. Would love to have a line of these portraits in the shelter. I loved the humor and dedication to edit these out. I wish there could be more body options so it wont look bad if we put two portraits together who have the same body.

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  2. We’re both from the army now, don’t know what uniform is this tho. My dada saw this when he visited me and he laughed so hard lol. He asked one to be made for their newborn baby. Glad to knwo that you also edit humans I thought these were just for pets. The print quality was also very nice. Thank you for being great!

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  3. how the h*** did you blended the fur so good? Ive seen terrible edit attempts with this exact style on facebook these past few months but this one is very well done and well edited. I love the subtle fur and head joining, they look so realistic as if my dog was really there.

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  4. looks exactly like him. well edited and executed. The transparency of the fur is what I am more awed. I tried erasing the background but its so hard because she has curly fur. The way you made the fur look like fur and not some poorly edited crap makes me wonder how you did it. Very nice!

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  5. My dog is now a doctor my asian mom will be very happy :)) The only problem was the shipping tho, Asia is very far from I believe US where you print these from. It woulld be nice if you also print from Asia and ship from there so my parcel will arrive faster rather than it coming from the literal side of the world

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  6. My parents always wanted me to be an astronaut, glad my dog became one before me lol. Last dinner we joked around my parents dreams of me being that one guy whos a doctor, astraunaut, and a marine (pretty sure we all know that guy) and I thought it was a funny idea to edit my self out as one, I found this service on google so I had to try it. I never knew you edit humans too lol I thought it is just for pets. Anyway I will get a new one done for me as the three professions. Lol my dog looks very funny in that suit.

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  7. Reminds me of my cat each time I look at the head, very nice clothes and editing is smooth. I always wanted to have a more realistic portrait of her, the last one I got was the cartoon one lol I loved the canvas print so I came back for the more realistic one. I will get mroe soon for the whole family. Thank you very much for this service we were very very happy.

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  8. Very well cut out, the head’s fur is still appearing naturally even if he is on suit. I love how this does not look like edited until you notice the hands lol, I cannot stop laughing since I get it, it looks so terribly unusual.

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  9. reminds me of the “invisible mending” technique done in Japan, very smooth transition of the edits. I also loved that the bodies were unisex, I could choose the doctor and we will not even tell if its a male or a female. Nice editing for this one I liked it

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  10. Looks realistic and well edited does not look like they’re edited. Very weird that they have a body of a human but I guess that is what makes it great. Loved how the fur was done, the fact that you made it transparent tells me youre an absolute legend!

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  11. The bad body is what makes it good, very good idea offering this service! I was always looking for a poster with humor. So glad that I found this on a facebook ad. Nice project you made for her, we were laughing so hard since we got it. It looks hilariously weird.

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  12. Very fast service for sending When I asked for a touch-up on my order, it was done within minutes. Very satisfied!!

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