Under $400 Computer Build that can Design and Draw | Perfect for Digital Artists and Graphic Designers

We are a custom portraits and graphic design company, and here is our PC build…
This build is capable of running the necessary programs for digital art, compatible for digital tablet connection, and also capable in gaming and productivity. This is best if you do graphic design and/or making digital art.
Let’s break down the essential parts of a PC built for these tasks. We’ll try not to get too technical.

Part 1: The Brain - Processor (CPU)

Get a powerful CPU like Ryzen AMD 5600g. These processors can handle multitasking and rendering without a hitch. You DO NOT need a dedicated GPU because the “g” in 5600g indicates that this CPU already has an integrated GPU.
Here is a link for the best and most affordable CPU on Amazon:

Ryzen 5 5600g

(Our Pick)

Part 2: Graphic Powerhouse - Graphics Card (GPU)

This is not necessary, but if you still want a GPU, I suggest getting at least an NVIDIA GeForce RTX or AMD Radeon RX series for top-notch performance.
Here is our best picks for GPUs for this build:

Part 3: Memory Matters - RAM

Having enough RAM is key. Aim for at least 16GB, but if your budget allows, go for 32GB or more for smoother multitasking.
For this build you can use:

Part 4: Storage Solutions - SSD

I’d pick an SSD over any HDD.
You need a light, fast, and non-heating storage for build specifically designed for graphic design.
SSD is also faster in reading and writing files, for this build, any of these SSD are the best:

Part 5: Display Decisions - Monitor

You are an artist, you want your art to look the best in your screen.
Be careful in buying low quality monitors, their display may not be as accurate.
You do not want your drawing to look too red on your monitor only to figure out it’s too green when you export the file.
Respect your art, invest in a good monitor like these:

Part 6: Ports and Expandability - Motherboard

Make sure your PC has plenty of USB ports and supports other connectivity options like XXX for external devices and peripherals. Consider future upgrades when choosing your motherboard.
Here is the motherboard we used that is compatible for digital tablet and other attachments:

Part 7: Mitochondria - Power Supply Unit

Your PSU will give life to all of your components.
Do not cheap out on this one, even if you have a $1000 build, if your PSU is cheap and sub-standard, they may explode.
All of these PSUs are designed to handle build with or without GPU.
Remember, when you upgrade or add parts, PSU has to handle all of them, that is why we picked the toughest and the best PSU on the market to save your ash from exploding.
Here are more PSU that we trust:

Part 8: Mouse

Here are the best wireless mouse we found, I personally use the logitech one:
If you want a wired mouse, this is what some of my artists use:

Part 9: Keyboard

There’s no need to explain the use of a keyboard. Here are our best picks:

Part 10: Pen & Tablet

You are an artist, I believe you need more than a mouse.
Here are the best pen and tablets we use here in the studio:

What if I want my PC to be built in-store?

Wherever you want to build your PC, we suggest you buy the peripherals (tablet, mouse, keyboard) from Amazon.
PC stores tend to rack up their prices on peripherals because that’s how they make their money.
They have to make the components of the system unit competitive, and then boost the prices for peripherals to take back profits.
Online shops have no physical store to maintain, therefore their prices are usually lower.
Don’t worry,most of the items we linked here provide online purchase warranty.
In summary, you can choose which parts you want, we indicated the types and we edited the names so they will be less technical and simpler, if you wanna learn more about the products, go to their respective Amazon pages by clicking their link or the images.
-All of the links that lead to Amazon are affiliate links and we will earn a percentage from them. Don’t worry though, the price is still the same whether you search it on the site without the link or with the link. The commission is reduced from the earnings of the seller, Amazon don’t add prices to affiliated products. You are still getting it for the same price even if without the affiliate link.
-I am a professional graphic designer and not a professional PC builder, take this advice as more of a graphic design advice and not a build advice.
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