AI is here, are digital artists going out of business?

Hey there! AI is causing quite a stir, especially among digital artists and custom art portrait brands like us. The big question on everyone’s mind: Is AI going to kick us out of business?
Well, let’s chat about it. Sure, AI is getting pretty good at mimicking artistic styles and even creating original pieces. Some folks might worry that human artists will become obsolete. But hold up, let’s not hit the panic button just yet.

Well, as of now, AI is a bit - confused...

Say, you ask an AI what this is, it will probably output “cupcake”
Credits to Natasha’s Kitchen for this photo
And for pictures like this, it will probably output “dog”
And by the way, we photoshopped this for a client who wants to see her Dog as a businessman.
If you want something like this, go to our homepage.
Back to the topic.
Now what about, this?
Suddenly it doesn’t know what it is.
What makes our custom art portraits special is the heart and soul our artists pour into every stroke. No algorithm can replicate that. Our portraits aren’t just pixels on a screen; they’re personal and they’re made with love.
Now, that doesn’t mean we’re ignoring AI altogether. We’re not sticking our heads in the sand. 

What are we going to do about it?

We had a lot of custom customer requests about wanting to put a hat on their dog, or making their head turn from front-facing to side-facing.
These requests are okay, but they take up a lot of time. Meaning, the more time we consume, the more expensive our expenses are.
AI can help us visualize how a dog with hat looks like, or how a side-facing pug will look like, therefore making work easier for us, and our services cheaper for you.
Even if AI is great in some aspects, there are still areas where AI just can’t replicate what our artists here at Odatsmi Custom Art can do, take a look at this prompt results by
We tried to run AI generative art to replicate our style, but it just can’t.
Specially the One Line Art style, no AI in the market right now can do it.
So if you ever want an AI-proof art, choose it.
For context, One Line Art is a style where we only use one line to draw an entire portrait – one, continuous line.
The photo on the left is our drawing btw.

No, AI will not replace us. Our art style is still unique that AI cannot do what we can.

Another thing that we will do is to never upload the finished results of our art. AI need samples, and they get it from the public realm of the internet. By simply making our art private, we can prevent the AI from taking it.
Similarly, we advise you guys, our customers to blur out some parts of the art that you received from us if ever you will post it online, or use it for photo reviews.
This is a review photo, you can order your custom art here.

What's the best art style for you?

We make portraits for pets and people. Let’s start by viewing one of these art styles:

So yeah, AI might be shaking things up, but we’re not backing down. We’re rolling with the punches, finding new ways to stay ahead of the game. It’s all about adapting, innovating, and, most importantly, staying true to what makes us special.
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