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Custom pops with a matching box design has more value compared if they are just loose or OOB. Boxes are essential, give your custom pops the attention they deserve!

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Regular Box is 6.25"×4.5"×3.5" (Length×Width×Depth)
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Your custom pops are still considered an OOB without a dedicated custom box for them. We understand that crafting a matching custom box is almost impossible, that’s why I’m here to do it for you. We specialize in creating a matching custom box to elevate your custom’s presentation and value.

All designs are digitally measured, the size is accurate when printed. I will save you from the headache of designing your box. You just have to print and stick it like a puzzle. Kindly provide the correct paper size that your printer can print.

This is a custom box design service. I will give you a printable file.

What if I don’t have a printer?
• Look for print shops near you. Hardware and groceries also provide print services.
• Look for a service online, search Google Maps for print shops in your city. Also check your local Facebook marketplace for print services.

What material should I use to craft a box?
• Any hard white cardboard or paper with at least 300gsm is good. If your printer cannot print directly on thick paper, some of my customers print these on photo paper or sticker paper and then they stick them on cardboards.
• For the clear window part, we highly suggest to use and cut an old protector. They are both sturdy and clear enough for the job.

How does this work?
#1 Refer to the photos to provide the necessary details.
#2 Upload your custom pop photo using the upload form above.
#3 Complete your checkout.
#4 Once you’re satisfied with the draft, I will send you the HD file.

Orders don’t usually take a week to be finished.

I will design your box personally, so please feel free to contact me if you need anything.

We are not affiliated with any brands. This box design service is intended for normal people that needs a custom box for their personal projects. We do not design these boxes to produce fakes or counterfeits. We explicitly say in the boxes that these are for custom figures only. We do not intend nor aim to deceive anyone. Please ensure that the boxes you’ll order are intended for custom figure projects only.

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  1. Done as expected, came out better than expected. I thought it would be like those that look like oversimplified boxes but its not. They look like the real deal and I never regret trying the service. You should try more platforms to offer the service though, it was weird that we met on Facebook, most customizers are on Reddit and IG. Goodluck with your business!

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  2. The gold details were on the correct spots as where they should be, great work. I have been wanting an Aunt may funko pop for the spiderman no way home series but there was none. So I made a custom and voila! Only the box is missing so I ordered it, I was worried that the gold details on the box like the original will not be included in the custom design, but they were here! They look 90% similar but not quite, though it is okay since I doubt you can really produce a 100% similar to the original boxes, regardless, they were done very great!

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  3. Nice measurements on the print file. They were indeed ready to print as promised. I work in t shirt printing and the dpi of the files were on point. Once the printer was set we printed the file and thats it. I was expecting that we need to do some resizing but no, the files are ready to be printed and thats what I like. Great jobb!

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  4. Good for custom pops. I ordered this for the loose pops I got from a yard sale last week. I wanted a new box for them as they did not have their original boxes. Asked this guy to make me the c’ustom box and they turned out so good. The details are what they should be, I loved how we remade the boxes, its so nice to have em

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  5. the sizing is correct as instructed. It was very helpful that there are guides on which is which. I am alwasy confused with length width and deep but the guide that was displayed on the webpage is so informative, we do not use inches so often so it would be better to also display the units in centimeter next time, I had to bring out a calculator just to know what inches is in my beloved centimeter. ither than that, the service was very good and I was guided very well.!

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  6. That one took me twice as long to put together than a regular box does. You killed it though and i think it turned out great im so happy with it 😁🤘🐐 Its for my personal collection, for now. Eminems basically my favorite person ever since i was like 7 lol, im thinking about putting it on etsy though as a “made to order” so could possibly be making more soon.

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  7. I’ll be hitting you up for more custom boxes, really liked that you ask all the questions necessary to make the custom box to my liking and came out just the way I wanted it to ! Thank you again 🔥

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  8. Design was gorgeous. They were very cute and they really fulfilled the promise in the theme part. I thought they were just suggestions but no, my request to use pastel pink and purple pallette was well done and executed. Ive done a similar project with a guy on ig and I must say that these boxes I got here are much better, not even 2x better, its like 100x more good than the ig guy. Ill hit you up again if I got more job for you.

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  9. Been wanting a box for the OOB loose pops I got from a garage sale, the boxes were on a budget as well. Hiya! My daughter always wanted the disney princess pops but she insist on getting brand new pops. These ones I got from garage sale have damaged box and they cannot be repaired from water damage so we just ordered this box online and the design came out greater that I imagined. If this custom box fooled my dauighter into thinking its the real one, Id get more for my other OOBs!

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  10. Custom box was as expected. The details were on point as they should be, this is a custom box service so Im expecting that they look like the real ones and not looking like the fakes with different logos. I like that the logo used was the real pop logo and not some rip off ones. The boxes will be printed and I will update this review on what I think about the final products.

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  11. Very easy to talk to– professional in duplicating boxesm looks like the one I requested to have- The parts were done great. it was a nice idea to include the forms to communicate well with the customer needs.Looks exactly as I requested. thanks!

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  12. Well done in replicating the box I requested, looks just like the original box. My Scream pop had its box water damaged so I need a new one, Im glad it came out as it should. Great work and may God bless you!

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